Design is Preferential

Written by laman7
17 Oct 2022
2 mins read

Have you heard the expression ...

Design is subjective.

Hard to break it to you, but the design is actually objective.

You are supposed to see what I see and react to it the way I do.

boom mind blown

Why People Have Different Tastes?

What may look good to me, may not look good to you. It boils down to three basic things,

  1. Culture
  2. Upbringing
  3. Surrounding


Our culture shapes our thinking and conditioning. For example, my African friends find that the colors Red, Green and Yellow are the best combos. I find it otherwise.


Kids born rich and poor have different tastes in design. Rich probably wants the simplest form of car, while the poor thinks adding more chrome to the car makes it tasteful.


How we live our day-to-day life changes our perspective on design. If you live like a dump (messy rooms), you'd likely prefer a crowded design. While the symbol of luxury is defined by light and space.

How to Move Forward?

Design preferential is nothing new. The first step is to agree, who are we building this for?

  • For you – Then leave it in the internal server
  • For Customers – Then build ones that attract them.

Once you've agreed on this, it's easier to understand the kind of design that is suitable for your target market.

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