Design Wall

Marketing in Design

October 20, 2022
Marketing is, or probably as broad as design. In Marketing, there is, digital, analogue (old timer), personal, content creation, packaging, etc. Similar to Design too. Marketing boils down to two basic concepts; Selling what people want Selling what people need In most cases, a designer's task is to amplify marketing. Before you can amplify, you […]

Design is Preferential

October 17, 2022
Have you heard the expression ... Design is subjective. Hard to break it to you, but the design is actually objective. You are supposed to see what I see and react to it the way I do. Why People Have Different Tastes? What may look good to me, may not look good to you. It […]

Update SiteUI #1

October 17, 2022
New Rule of Third To activate: Toggle the rule right below the image.
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