Marketing in Design

Written by laman7
20 Oct 2022
1 mins read

Marketing is, or probably as broad as design.

In Marketing, there is, digital, analogue (old timer), personal, content creation, packaging, etc. Similar to Design too.

Marketing boils down to two basic concepts;

  1. Selling what people want
  2. Selling what people need

In most cases, a designer's task is to amplify marketing.

Before you can amplify, you need to understand the context, history and future of the materials provided. These questions have to be asked by yourself.

  • Where is this going (desktop, mobile, poster etc)?
  • What needs to be elevated, and what needs to be silenced?
  • How do we make this different and memorable?

The two coincide with the user or target market.

We do marketing to attract the target market, we do design to make users stay. That's how Marketing works in Design.

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